Track Everything

With Baby Sidekick you can track all of the crucial data about your infant:

  • Health:  Vaccines, Illnesses, Medicines, Temperature
  • Consumption: Nursing, Pumping, Bottle, Solids, Diaper, Potty
  • Sleep:  Sleep
  • Development: Height, Weight, Head Size, Milestones, Activities

Synchronize & Backup

Sharing information with others is easy with Baby Sidekick:

  • Backup your data automatically in the cloud by create an online account
  • Add multiple caregivers to automatically synchronize data between them
  • Works across Android and Apple IOS

Graphs that give you insight

Baby Sidekick creates graphs that help you understand whats going on:

  • Height, Weight, Head Size graphs:  These graphs show you how your baby is growing overtime and compares it to CDC US averages.
  • Consumption graphs:  Baby Sidekick's bottle and nursing graphs help you understand and track your babies eating patterns to know if your baby is eating more or less day to day.
  • Graphs for mom: The nursing and pumping graphs help mom understand how much milk she is producing and which breast she is using the most to help her keep things balanced.
  • Timelines:  This graph shows you what activities your baby is doing at different times of day (sleeping, eating, diaper changes etc.) to help you understand patterns of behaviour.
  • Sleep:  This graph helps you understand how much your baby is sleeping day to day.


With Baby Sidekick you can setup Feeding & Pumping reminders to make sure your baby is staying well fed in those first crucial months.

Share Reports

With Baby Sidekick you can easily share reports with others (such as doctors or other caregivers) that don't use Baby Sidekick.  With these reports you give others a web address and a password and they can view these reports directly from their web browser.