Baby Sidekick helps parents track their baby's most important information...


With Baby Sidekick you can easily keep track of your infants most important information and events such as diaper changes, sleep, feedings, vaccines, medicines, illnesses, weight, height, and more.  The charts and graphs help you understand the sleeping and other behavioral patterns and enables you to better take care of your baby.


Everything at a glance
Baby Sidekick’s innovative home screen  gives you the latest information at a glance and lets you share this information with your spouse or babysitter.

Track Everything
With Baby Sidekick you can track all of the crucial data about your infant including feedings, pumping, diaper changes, health and vaccine events and more.

Synchronize & Backup
Baby Sidekick can synchronize itself with our cloud in order to backup all of the data and so that information can be shared between caregivers.  Baby Sidekick can synchronize across Android and iPhones.

Graphs that give you insights
Baby Sidekick presents the information you are tracking in intuitive graphs and reports to help you understand the patterns are your infant's behaviour.

This has helped us SO MUCH. Our baby is 4mo and when we stopped using it for a week we were so scattered. Thanks for the great app!
— Jennifer Whitewing
I love that I can accurately track what’s most important for us. I also like that I can manage my home screen to add what I’m tracking most!
— Angel Arnold

Baby Sidekick is more than just a tracker.

It helps Mom and Doctors too...


Infant Care

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Track how your infant is doing day-to-day:

  • Nutrition (breast milk, formula, solids)
  • Diaper Changes (type, quantity, timing)
  • Sleep (quantity, sleep patterns)
  • Feeding reminders

Mom Care


Help mom keep track of how she is doing:

  • Nursing time
  • Breast usage
  • Pumping production

Doctor Visits


Get the most out of pediatric checkups by having key information at your fingertips:

  • Nutrition, diapers, sleep
  • Health Issues (fever, diarrhea, etc.)
  • Medicines & vaccines history
  • Weight, height and head measurements

Easy Sharing


Share and synchronize data across caregivers:

  • Keep mom, dad, nanny, and daycare in sync
  • See how your child is doing throughout the day
  • Syncs across Android and Apple IOS


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